Our School

We are a quality, locally-owned preschool serving the Jackson Township community. Jackson Children's Academy has provided high-quality early childhood preschool education since 2006. Our school offers three levels of preschool classes for children ages 3-5 years. Jackson Children's Academy's classes are taught by our staff of excellent, dedicated teachers with over 75 years of experience in early childhood education.

Please contact us for more information or to set up a meeting to observe our quality preschool. Come see for yourself why Jackson Children's Academy is 
the elite preschool in the Jackson Township area.

Our Philosophy, Our Purpose
At Jackson Children's Academy, it is our primary goal and purpose to foster a strong partnership among home, school, and community by building a nurturing and happy environment where students are excited about learning. We promise to provide a loving and stimulating educational environment that encourages participation, creativity, problem solving, and enthusiasm for learning.

Our Curriculum

Jackson Children's Academy plans an anti-bias curriculum for all programs. At our school, each child is given the opportunity to progress at his or her own pace due to the smaller class sizes and our teachers abilities to indivdualize projects and lessons to challenge each child.

Our classroom environment is set up in interest learning centers to provide structured experiences for students. We encourage this by planning a daily schedule that includes a circle time, group activities, free choice, music and creative movement, snack, and large motor activities. In addition to art projects that enhance creativity and fine motor skills, we also plan math, science, language arts, social studies, and cooking activities as part of our small group projects. Although our program is academically based, our curriculum is taught through the play approach. Only by visiting our school can you experience the true atmosphere here and see how a mixture of play and learning have been successfully intertwined.

In all of our programs, the curriculum is created to encourage children to develop and maintain a positive self-esteem as they maintain a wholesome attitude toward themselves, their teachers, their peers, their school, and their learning experiences. Our curriculum gives children a thirst for discovery by asking open-ended and problem solving questions.

Jackson Children's Academy is located at:
5640 Portage St. NW
North Canton, Ohio

Check out what a parent is saying about our school!

My child has received the best start for elementary school. The teachers are very dedicated to what they do. We have benefited greatly from the small class sizes not only academically but also beacause we have been able to really get to know the families there. The staff really have the children's best interests at heart. You need to stop by and see for yourself.
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